about peyton

As a lifelong dancer with a MFA in Dance Choreography and Performance and a BA in Philosophy, French Literature, and Dance, Peyton continuously gravitates toward the study of movement, both of mind and body. Well-versed in anatomy and kinesiology from her graduate studies and guided by philosophical curiosity, her appreciation for yoga is ever yielding as she is continually struck by the effects of her practice in everyday life… latent and continuous… yoga seamlessly threads together our inner and outer journeys.

Peyton is registered with the National Yoga Alliance as a 500hr RYT including Restorative and Prenatal certifications. She completed her 500hr Teacher Training at the Om Yoga Center in New York City and holds additional certifications in Prenatal and Restorative yoga (Cyndi Lee, founder of the Om Yoga Center). Peyton teaches thoughtful organic sequences using subtle language to articulate precise alignment cues, juicy hands-on adjustments to guide and deepen each student’s individual practice, and brings balance to her rigorous alignment-informed vinyasa class with pranayama, yogic philosophy, and a purposeful attention to music and sound. Embracing how yoga spills over from the studio and into other aspects of life, Peyton aims to bring students to a place grounded in strength and spaciously-open in mind, body and breath both on and off the mat.

Special Certifications, Specific Training & Topics:

  • Restorative Yoga under Cyndi Lee, founder of the Om Yoga Center
  • Prenatal Yoga under Bec Connant of Om Yoga Center etc
  • Injury Prevention and Modifications under Joe Miller, Dean of Anatomy Om Yoga Center and The Shala
  • Advanced Hands-on Adjustments under Edward Jones of Om Yoga Center and The Shala
  • How to Teach Privates under Frank Mauro of Om Yoga Center, New York Yoga and The Shala
  • Pranayama and Breath Awareness under Joe Miller and Edward Jones of Om Yoga Center and The Shala
  • Meditation (shamatha and loving-kindness) under David Nichtern of the Shambala.