“Tailoring a yoga practice to your individual needs and lifestyle”

How about a practice designed uniquely for you? In a private session I will create sequences that cater to your specific interests and goals. Practices can range from a rigorous workout to contemplative meditation to treating a specific injury to an entirely restorative practice designed to recharge your body & mind.

In your private instruction session, I will:

  • Specific Conditions, Goals, Injuries: Address physical injuries and pre-existing health conditions, fitness goals & lifestyle imbalances
  • Convenience: Eliminate time restraints with the convenience of in-home, in-workspace, or in-studio private sessions set according to your busy schedule
  • Strength Training & Therapeutics: Work and train specific muscle groups complimented by therapeutic stretching
  • One-on-One for Beginners: Explore the fundamentals of asana practice from downward dog (adho mukha svanasana), to mountain pose (tadasana) to breath awareness (pranayama) in an open, comfortable environment
  • All Levels: From beginner to advanced, I offer a way to go deeper into your practice—modifying and exploring SAFELY. Whether you’d like to work on those thrilling arm-balances and inversions or prefer to refine the fundamentals, the choice is yours!
  • Prenatal: Prepare for birth by building strength and flexibility to ensure an easier labor and postpartum recovery. Prenatal sessions can be as active or restorative as you and your baby need, but always nurturing with supportive energy intending to inspire and empower both mom and baby.
  • Posture: Assess and improve all types (from 9-5er’s who sit behind a desk all day to athletes who place repetitive stress on the body through physical activity)
  • Refinement: “Delve into” troublesome areas with personal guided instruction and juicy hands-on assists
  • Individual Guidance: Entirely support and guide you in your own private environment through caring personal attention