Classes can be scheduled in your home, office, or rental studio.

Private Yoga

In a private session I will tailor sequences to fit individual specific interests and needs. Practices can range from a vigorous workout to contemplative meditation to treating a specific injury to prenatal practice to an entirely restorative practice designed to recharge body & mind. Private sessions are beneficial to a multitude of people with varying goals. Link to privates page here. Single on-site private sessions vary depending on time and location.

  • Private: $125-150 an hour 
  • Private: $140-$165 an hour and half 
  • Semi-Private: $150-175 an hour

*Packages are available upon request

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga classes are group classes taught at the workplace in conference rooms, media rooms, gyms, and other spaces. These classes are typically offered in the morning before work, during lunchtime, or post work. Classes are designed according to the needs and levels of the group, often emphasizing stress management, relaxation techniques, and overall physical well-being. Integrating breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and a physical practice (asana), employees will leave feeling rejuvenated, present, and strong.

Yoga at work adds value to employee benefits programs, enhances work place relationships, increases productivity, improves efficiency, concentration, and decreases missed work days due to illness.  It is for these reasons that many businesses now offer yoga classes to their employees.

A regular yoga practice can offer benefits to all, and it can be especially beneficial for employees who work long hours or spend significant amounts of the work week seated at a desk.

For rates and specific inquiries please contact me at peyton@peytonyoga.com or 917.699.1517. I look forward to hearing from you!


Prepare for birth by building strength and flexibility to ensure an easier labor and postpartum recovery. Prenatal sessions can be as active or restorative as you and your baby need, but always nurturing with supportive energy intending to inspire and empower both mom and baby.


Specific strength training, therapeutic stretching, posture assessment/improvement, and conditioning to both sustain and re-balance one’s body from repetitive physical demands.


YogaRestorative yoga quiets the mind by calming the sympathetic nervous system and activating the para-sympathetic Incorporating bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support you in different asanas allows you to be held for extended periods of time rejuvenating and restoring the body’s natural balance.


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