“One of the most valuable skill sets a teacher can embody is the ability to connect with students… Peyton does just that. Her attention to what’s going on in the class makes you feel as if you’re being individually guided amidst a studio full of fellow practitioners. There’s no doubt that she is on her way onto a short list of great teachers in this city.”
–Frank Mauro, Om Yoga Center, Teacher Training Staff, 2003–2012

“Peyton embodies yoga, not only in her mastery of the physical practice, but more importantly in how she lives. I am always refreshed by her thoughtfulness, commitment, and general goodness. She’s the kind of person who teaches you, not only how to do a perfect lunge, but how to be a better person.”
–Megan Murphy, Yoga Teacher

“Peyton’s class was, for so long, one that I could routinely fit into my crazy schedule. For those 75 minutes, I was able to be a yoga student, not a manager. Her sequencing is thoughtful, creative and intelligent and her attention to each student makes you feel as if she’s giving you a private, while teaching a group class. She is a pleasure to have as a teacher and a joy to have on our faculty at New York Yoga.”
–LeighAnn Montieth, New York Yoga General Manager

“Peyton came recommended to New York Yoga by Frank Mauro, having just graduated from the Om Yoga Teacher Training program. She is very versatile, teaching at both our Hot Studio and our York Avenue location. Peyton’s classes are challenging and interesting and she constantly seeks out feedback. I really enjoy her class and am happy to have her as part of the New York Yoga faculty.”

–Tom Salshutz, Owner of New York Yoga

“Peyton is clear and perfectly paced in her instructions, and the classes are fun and challenging too! There is always a method to her sequencing that makes one feel rested and energized after class.”
–Jill Camera, Yoga Philosophy Teacher

Photos by Jeremy Patlen: www.jeremypatlen.com